How to fix slow internet with wifi signal extension

Wireless networks are one of the great achievements of the 21st century, but sometimes have problems with usage. Whatever the reason, we provide tips and tricks to get the most out of your Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi Series Extender. It surprises the speed

WiFi Problem – Why is my internet slow

Most Wi-Fi problems are due to interference. Since most networks operate in the 2.4GHz band, other device hosts also use this signal, such as baby monitoring devices, DECT phones, and Bluetooth headsets. And equipment for controlling sports etc.

The walls of your home may have Wi-Fi problems such as wood, plaster and glass, which may have little effect on the 2.4GHz radio wave, but for bricks and concrete, their thickness may interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. . If you install a router on the other side of the brick wall.
Nowadays, the new router can operate in the 5GHz band, so those who use this frequency range will get less signal strength. But the downside is that the network providing the 5GHz band is smaller than the 2.4GHz network.

Detecting the source of Wi-Fi problems

It is very common to find the source of a slow or unstable Wi-Fi problem as it can happen for many reasons and sometimes by the service provider. Atmosphere, interference, lots of connections. Or due to its own Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi release

Therefore, basic testing methods, first of all, you need to visit any test speed internet website and test your internet signal. Any test result will tell you the Internet speed, which you can see if the Internet promotion is within the purchased criteria (if you use a Wi-Fi signal from another device, such as a pocket WiFi or a portable Wi- You can also see this method of internet speed testing.
If the test results indicate that your Internet connection is slow, the basic solution is to reset the router. If it is still late, contact the service center. The company can check the Internet signal, advising you to move the router to a new location where the Internet signal is better than the original line or there is no new cable, so that the signal is stronger than before.

New wi-fi router buying guide

Now that you know what the problem is, one of your first thoughts may be to buy a new router (depending on the age of your router, it should be replaced if it is an older model). The new router is faster and more resistant to interference. Also easy to install.

Before you go out and buy a new router, try the following instructions to find out if you can speed things up. If you don’t or don’t need a fast network, you should understand the current Wi-Fi standard and its definition before purchasing.
Older wireless routers use the 802.11g standard with 54Mbits / sec. Some routers may use a technique called channel linking to increase the speed to 108Mbits / sec or 125Mbits / sec, but it can also increase the interference of the signal used by the router. 2 wireless channels and these days can slow down your network. 802.11g networks are too old and too slow with an actual workload of 25 54Mbit / sec. We do not recommend buying 802.11g routers.
For 802.11n wireless networks that have a maximum rate of 300Mbit / sec, these networks can operate in the 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band.


The latest standard is 802.11ac, in which these routers use high-speed networks at 5GHz (5GHz support 802.11n) and 867Mbit / sec and 1.3Gbits / sec (802.11ac still support 2.4GHz networks).
You should have an 802.11ac wireless device for use on some laptops, including the MacBook Air and some smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 with built-in technology. You can buy USB wireless adapter. 802.11ac as well. You need to upgrade your PC or laptop to new standards for these routers. It is worth buying. Includes compatibility with new devices in the future if you want the best performance

Another option is for the type and number of wired ports when purchasing a new router, you can buy an ADSL router that connects to the telephone line or cable router that connects to the modem. For fiber connection via Ethernet

Since the speed of the ADSL is not fast enough to guarantee 802.11ac, it would be difficult for you ADSL router to support this standard. And 802.11n may be required…

Netgear Router

How to use 2 routers to expand wireless coverage.

The best solution is usually to use 2 routers for bad wireless signals. Allows you to extend the Wi-Fi range smoothly and quickly by checking the router’s product manual for complete instructions and configuration methods