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Nintendo 3DS was one of the first consoles with which the user can  view 3D graphics without the need for special glasses. Its design is based on autosteroscopic technology, and it is also backward compatible with the Nintendo DS and DsiWare software. The console was launched on the market in 2011, being the successor to the Nintendo DS10 and competing in the market with the Sony PlayStation Vita.

The Nintendo 3DS was a great success, although it was also affected by some critics who considered that the 3D effect was uncomfortable and the need to use a second control stick. To alleviate these initial defects, the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL were launched . Regarding the design, the 3DS maintains a book-shaped design with a double screen, touch and autostereoscopic 3D, also adding other interesting novelties such as a new analog stick, double rear camera, gyroscope and 3D signal intensity control .

If you want to know more about this popular console, in this FizGames article   we offer you an analysis of its specifications and if it is interesting to buy Nintendo 3DS. Take note and value!

Information and characteristics of NINTENDO 3DS

Nintendo consoles are usually very basic in terms of specifications, always being their games that stand out for their quality and popularity. However, consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS if they are novel in this regard by including, as we have already seen, features such as a stereoscopic 3D system. In addition, the Nintendo 3DS console presents a firmware 11.9.0-42U with a series of improvements aimed at making the system much more stable and improving the user’s gaming experience.

If you look at its size, this console has dimensions of 13.4 x 7.4 x 2.1 centimeters and a weight of only 230 grams. The upper screen features 3.53 inches with 3D vision without glasses and a resolution of 800 × 240 pixels, while the lower screen is 3.02 inches and 320 × 240 pixels of resolution. In addition, it also has three cameras, one indoor and two outdoor that allow you to recreate the 3D effect, with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels (640 × 480). These cameras take three-dimensional photographs saving them in JPG format, making it possible to share them with other devices. 3D videos can also be made and played on Nintendo 3DS after December 2011. 

Regarding power, the Nintendo 3DS has a Dual Core ARM 11 to 266 Mhz processor , in addition to presenting a 128 MB RAM memory, that is, low-power, high-speed RAM, being able to reach at a speed of 4.2 GB per second. For its part, the graphics processor reaches a maximum of 15.3 million polygons per second, standing out for its graphic quality, low power consumption and speed. A breakthrough achieved thanks to the Maestro-2G technology.

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This 3DS console includes several communication systems such as the Miiverse , a new social network system from Nintendo and compatible with Wii U, being the continuation of the Nintendo Mail. Through this system, players can share achievements and update their status. Other systems are the SpotPass and the Street Pass, two systems that allow you to connect to any compatible Wi-Fi network or exchange information with other Nintendo 3DS with which you are interested in sharing data, images, videos, etc. In addition, this console can communicate wirelessly in the 2.4 Ghz band, using the Wi-Fi standards 802-11b and 802.11 g. 

The design of the Nintendo console is the same as that of the E3, but with some changes such as the color of the pad. Thus, the console was marketed in two colors, cosmos black and aqua blue, also adding red, coral pink and polar white. 

The Nintendo 3DS is backward compatible with all NDSi and NDS games , making it possible to use functions such as multiplayer, online functions, as well as camera functions. The graphics are also seen as more quality, although as the upper screen is larger, the images of the games appear with two black stripes on the sides. Games on the Nintendo DS Lite that use the GBA function are not supported .

Other features that make the Nintendo 3DS interesting are the possibility of adjusting the 3D experience in 2D, having functions that can be used without stopping playing, downloading games, watching videos and rankings, as well as having a wide variety of software such as the Mii Studio, Plaza Mii, Nintendo 3DS Sound, Nintendo 3DS camera or Memory Recording Notebook, among others Read More.

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