D&D 5th Edition Magic Missile Spells

Magic missile is an evocative attacking spell in the 5th edition of the D&D role-playing game. By using this spell you can attack your selected target from the magical missiles. These magic missiles are looking like glowing darts. You can attack 3 different creatures at one time. Make sure that all the creatures which you want to attack must be standing in the range of this spell. You just have to target the creatures which you want to hit and cast the spell.

Effects of magic missile

This spell acts differently at various levels of the game. So, let’s discuss the effects of this spell at different levels.

Level 1

At this spell the targets which you select to attack faces the damage of 1d4+1 force damage. These darts can hit simultaneously but you can also hit one creature directly with these darts for more read Xanathar’s guide to Everything PDF. The number of darts at level 1 is 3. So, you can target 3 different targets at the same time from these darts.

Level 2 or higher

If you’re playing at level 2 or higher then you can attack 4 different creatures at the same time in the range of 120 feet.